Attack on Titan



Hajime Isayama, the author of Attack on Titan, a manga that has sold over 100 million copies and is wildly popular both in Japan and overseas, is from Hita City. In 2019, on the 10th anniversary of the manga serialization, Isayama launched the Attack on Titan in Hita project as a means to give something back to the city where he was born and raised. The first stage of the project was the installation of a bronze statue featuring a young Eren, Mikasa and Armin at Oyama Dam, which allows visitors to experience the world of Attack on Titan.

Since then, a bronze statue of Captain Levi was erected in front of JR Hita Station, and special panels with newly drawn illustrations of the various characters were installed at the office of the Tourist Association and Hita Station. Now, anywhere you go in Hita City, you can encounter Attack on Titan. Furthermore, the Attack on Titan in Hita Museum, which opened in the spring of 2021, exhibits many artworks that can only be seen there, including works from Hajime Isayama’s childhood, original drawings and objets d’art from the manga series.

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