Beppu Onsen



Home to the most hot spring sources and the largest volume of hot spring water, Beppu is truly Japan’s hot spring capital. Beppu comprises eight different hot spring districts, each with its own unique properties: Beppu, Kankaiji, Horita, Myoban, Kannawa, Shibaseki and Kamegawa. Each area has a different atmosphere. Beppu Onsen has mineral-rich water and many lodging facilities, and Kannawa Onsen is known for the numerous pillars of steam that billow into the sky. Meanwhile, Myoban Onsen, which smells of sulfur, is home to straw huts where natural bath crystals are produced.

In addition to sightseeing, recreation and long-term stays for hot spring therapy, Beppu offers a wide variety of hot spring experiences, including the communal bath houses that play an integral role in the local residents’ daily lives.

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