Hakata Old Town



With its proximity to Asia, Fukuoka prospered as the largest trading port in medieval Japan. About a 10-minute walk from Hakata Station, Hakata Old Town is home to many temples and shrines where you can learn about Fukuoka’s medieval history, traditions and culture.

After passing through the Hakata Sennen-no-mon Gate, which leads you to Hakata Old Town, you can visit historical spots while getting a feel of how the locals live.

Main sites include Jotenji Temple, which introduced udon, soba and manju dumplings to Japan; Shofukuji Temple, the first full-scale Zen temple in Japan; Tochoji Temple, known for the largest wooden seated Buddha statue in Japan and a five-storied pagoda; and Kushida Shrine, the guardian shrine of Hakata where the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival is held; and old-school shopping streets.

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