Ikikoku Museum



Located halfway between the Korean Peninsula and mainland Kyushu, the island of Iki was known as Iki Province during the Yayoi Period (2300-1700 years ago) and prospered as a region with diplomatic ties to China.

Built on a small hill overlooking the ruins of Hara-no-tsuji, where you can get a feel of the island’s history Ikikoku Museum is the last building designed by world-renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa. Intended to blend in with the hilly terrain, the roof has been greened to resemble a mountain range. From the top floor of the building, you can exit onto the roof, where you can see as far as Fukuoka and Karatsu on clear days. In the permanent exhibition room, visitors can see approximately 2,000 invaluable artifacts  excavated from ruins and burial mounds scattered throughout Iki, including Hara-no-tsuji. You can learn about the history of Iki from dynamic video presentations and dioramas that explain how Iki was an important trading post during the Yayoi period. Open:8:45-17:30. Closed: Mondays.

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