Nature of Yakushima



Many people visit Yakushima, 90% of its area covered in forest, to enjoy its abundant nature, including the clear rivers that run through deep valleys and the translucent sea. The island is registered as a World Natural Heritage site and is full of breathtakingly beautiful spots, which is without a doubt overwhelming.

One of the pleasures of Yakushima is Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine, where you find yourself in a sea of green moss as soon as you enter the forest, and after walking along a clear mountain stream, you are greeted with a stunning view of the “okudake” inner mountains of Yakushima. It was even the setting for “Princess Mononoke,” an epic feature-length anime about a forest and its people produced by Studio Ghibli, which is known for its trademark depictions of how people interact with nature. Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine is perfect for both beginners and advanced trekkers alike. There are several walking trails and circular paths that will take you to the island’s popular spots in anywhere from one to four hours.

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