Kitakyushu is surrounded by several excellent fishing grounds, so you can enjoy high-quality seafood at reasonable prices. There are more than 250 kinds of fresh fish and shellfish that come from the fishing grounds in the straits and further out to sea throughout the year. With access to all this seafood, it is only natural that the locals have well-developed palates and the chefs and wholesalers are highly knowledgeable.

Many restaurants in the city serve seafood, including several sushi shops that attract locals and out-of-town gourmands from as far away as Tokyo and overseas. Sushi chefs take great care to bring out the best flavors from the freshest fish caught in the nearby waters by aging them or by seasoning them with soy sauce, salt or locally grown citrus fruits. The atmosphere of these restaurants run the gamut from folksy shops geared toward local patrons to high-end restaurants where sushi making is akin to an art form.