Takamiya Garden



In April 2022, Takamiya Minami Garden and the former Takamiya Residence of the
Kaijima Family opened in Minami Ward in Fukuoka. Initially built in Nogata City in
1915 by the Kaijima family, which prospered in the coal industry and was considered
one of the three major families of the Chikuho region, the residence was relocated to
Takamiya in 1927.

This invaluable piece of architecture is one of the largest modern
Japanese-style buildings in the city and conveys the history of the coal industry in its
heyday. For these reasons, it was designated as a tangible cultural property by
Fukuoka City in 2017. You can take a leisurely stroll in the garden and enjoy
seasonal flowers, plants and trees. At the restaurant and teahouse, you can enjoy
dishes made using carefully selected ingredients from Fukuoka and other parts of

The former Takamiya Residence of the Kaijima Family, which has been
revived with modern elements while preserving its historical value as a cultural asset,
also displays items and old photographs that were donated by the Kaijima family.

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