Tatsunoshima Island Tour



Iki is famed for its bright blue sky and bright blue sea. Among the beautiful beaches of Iki, Tatsunoshima, an uninhabited island about 1 km offshore from Katsumoto Port at the northernmost tip of Iki, boasts incredibly clear water. Tatsunoshima, a 10-minute boat ride from Iki, is a specially protected area that lies within the boundaries of a quasi-national park.

Visitors can enjoy dynamic natural scenery, including white sandy beaches surrounded by sparkling emerald waters, a 50-m-high series of cliffs called Jagatani and holes in rocks created by sea erosion. From March to November, sightseeing boats operate regularly, and you can choose from scenic cruises or boats that go ashore, depending on the time and purpose of your visit. Even though the island is uninhabited, there are showers and rest facilities, and you can enjoy swimming and trekking to Hanagezaki, the summit of the precipitous cliffs on the north side of the island.

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